A Yoruba Bride, An Edo Groom

ANU & ABEL had a multi-day Nigerian Wedding in Toronto Canada.
Their Traditional Nigerian wedding was a fusion of the Yoruba & Edo culture.

From the Bride & Groom:

Our wedding style was a mix of action and adventure with a touch of royalty. The wedding dress was custom-made by Michigabi, a very talented dressmaker while Abel’s tux was custom-made by Seyi Mark. Our wedding was a fusion of two tribes in Nigeria, Abel is from Delta while Anuoluwapo is Yoruba. That’s two esteemed cultures in Nigeria. We had to favor both cultures in many different ways, by changing outfits multiple times to incorporate both tribes, and in our food selections. Our wedding was a dream come true, there is a lot to remember from the two years of planning. Our most cherished memory will be the theme Decor, the custom-made outfits, food, and overall dance experiences.

What is the best wedding advice for engaged couples?

Our advice is to plan ahead of time, it will save you money since some unexpected costs might creep up during the wedding planning. Good food is also very important, don’t skimp on the food. Lastly, get multiple videographers and photographers just in case one decides to act unprofessionally. Celebration Events helped to make our wedding a dream come true. Having a wedding planner is very important.

From the Wedding Planner:

Producing a Multi-cultural Nigerian wedding can be quite exciting. The fusion of two cultures involves showcasing both cultures in a way that honors both as well as celebrates their heritage and family roots. Anu is Yoruba from the western part of Nigeria while the groom Abel is Edo from the eastern part of Nigeria.

Hosting their wedding in Toronto Canada meant bringing a taste of an authentic Nigerian fusion wedding to life here in Toronto Canada. Being a Multi-cultural wedding specialist whose background is Nigerian; We achieved this with careful planning and production. The couple showcased their cultures through their outfits, the music, the food, the ambiance, and the overall experience.

Their wedding has been featured in multiple blogs and we truly enjoyed producing and coordinating Anu & Abels’ Multi-day Traditional fusion and White wedding.

Wedding Planner:  Celebration Events Mgmt
Videography: Poetic Stone Studio
Trad Decor: Paparazzi_eventz
Reception Stage Décor: Dreampartydecor
Cakes: Afrococo Cakes
Brides Dress: michigabbi
Brides MUA: glambytopsin
Gele: breezypromua
MUAs Wedding Party: afia_beauty & tropbelle_makeup
Brides Hair: arthurhair_
Wedding Party Hair: avaya.noelle
Traditional Okuku beaded Hair: riri_empire
Stationaries: kellas_world
Music: dj_pee
Dry Ice: fariamcelebrations
Horsd’oeuvres: feldos_
Red carpet: lyfpixels
Catering: mopsyncateringservices
Photography: Jidekola

Brides Trad: bimmms24
Jewelry: tavinbeads
Bridesmaids dresses: its_jcouture
Boys tux: fabshaybyseyimark
Trad Agbada: uncodecreations
Grooms Custom Shoes: hfactory_
Boyz white T-shirt: kingsrealm52
Grooms Tux: Seyi Mark
Brides Dress: Michigabi