What does a wedding planner do?

wedding planner checklist

To try to list all the specifics of what every wedding planner could possibly do, would be to write a novel with a never-ending to-do list. Wedding planners are diverse and unique. There are different styles and approaches to planning a wedding that is influenced by culture, network, and experience.

Regardless of the wedding planner, there are overall duties to a wedding planner’s role that ensures the wedding day of your dreams.

What wedding planners do:

  1. Vision: Wedding planners help you to identify the vision you have for your wedding. Through brainstorm sessions and get to know yous, wedding planners develop an understanding of who you are and propose ideas to suit your personality.
  1. Budget: Wedding planners help you to create and manage a budget to meet your chosen vision. They keep you updated on the expenses and help to ensure that the bride and groom stick to their budget as best as possible.
  1. Design: Wedding planners create various design concepts for you to choose from for a perfect event. Their ultimate goal is to bring your vision to life.
  1. Network: Wedding planners connect you to a network of vendors and services, often at a better rate. Wedding planners negotiate contracts and perks to the added to the wedding.
  1. Manage: Wedding planners manage all vendors and services used for your event, to ensure that they all work together to bring your vision to life. Wedding planners attend all vendor meetings and advocate for your vision. 
  1. Coordinate: Wedding planners schedule all aspects leading up to the event. They create schedules for vendors, create floor plans, and flow plans for the day of. This alleviates stress leading up to and on the day of.
  1. Point person: Wedding planners manage the wedding rehearsal and last-minute logistics. Wedding planners help to secure hotel bookings. They also ensure that the bride, groom, and their families have reliable transportation on the day of.  
  2. Emergency: Wedding planners help to take care of any emergencies that may arise on the day of. They ensure that the bride and groom have a blissful day celebrating their love.

A wedding planner’s role is to ensure that your wedding day is as stress-LESS and as true to your vision as possible.  If you are unsure about using a wedding planner for your wedding, contact Celebrations Events Management. Our team will be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.